Behind The Blog Scene // Finding Your Voice

By Alysha Miller

So often I find myself daydreaming of the characters in the stories I hold so dear to my heart.  I think to myself let me be Elizabeth Bennett, who uses her voice so steady and sure that it enchants a Mr. Darcy to the point of him falling ardently in love with her.  Let me be Jo March who poises her voice with such perseverance that a Professor Bhaer goes out of his way to publish her written work based on the Little Women in her life.  These characters aren't ashamed to use their voices.  They stand firm behind their right to voice their opinion.  They believe in what they have to say.  Let me be that woman.

My journal would tell you I am that woman.  It is consumed with vulnerability, my voice unwavering amongst the trusted pages bound in sturdy leather.  The challenge comes when I hear my inner voice telling me I need to be honest with my feelings and share them.  It's hard to be an open book because that allows room for judgment.  The daydream kicks in again… let me live in the days when a handwritten letter was the only form of communication.  You were able to send off your true feelings, letting the reader digest what it was you had to say, and face them once they had a chance to mull it over.  

In today's world, it is somewhat like that.  I can send out my voice virtually and not have to deal with the reaction of whosoever chooses to read my words. Except essentially you do.  As a writer you can spend days putting your heart and soul into your writing, publish it, and then the fate of your message is at the mercy of a 'like' button.  Us women tend to get our feelings hurt, and when we don't get the response we believe we rightfully deserve it can be a blow to the ego.  That sensitivity chip kicks in and if you don't think your words are well received or even heard it can be disheartening.  But then I think what would be worse, the risk of feeling inadequate or having no voice at all?  Think Ariel.  She willingly gave up her melodic voice, that voice she so boldly used to declare the desires of her heart.  She had a lot less impact when she had nothing to say.  There's a lesson to be learned from that.  My voice may drown in the sea of all the other voices out there, but at least I'm attempting to use it.  

Every time I do muster up the courage to use my voice, I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I feel as if I'm floating blissfully atop cool waters.  There's nothing more refreshing than the wave of reassurance washing over you.  Today I choose to use my voice to tell everyone who reads this to use your voice as well.  Vulnerability is a freeing thing.  Be confident knowing that what you have to say is worthy.  Showcase those brilliant thoughts that loom beneath that dazzling smile.  Show the world that your words have pizzazz.  Speak eloquently and with intention.  I challenge you to be you in all your entirety.  And as I end this, again I hear within, "Take heart.  You're Alysha Miller, so be Alysha Miller".  

Alysha Miller can be found blogging here or on Instagram @alysha.miller