Behind The Blog Scene // Erin Loechner of Clementine Daily


If you blog, then you’ll know the name Erin Loechner. Or at least you should. 

Erin started blogging back in 2006 with her hugely popular blog, Design for Mankind and is now the Executive Editor of Clementine Daily - one of my favourite new sites and a consistent and meaningful source of inspiration. If you're unfamiliar with the site, stop what you are doing and immediately check it out.

Her voice is honest, raw and real and that's why I am so excited to have her here today sharing her insight and authentic views on celebrating the everyday in all it's imperfections. On a side note this podcast with Erin is perfect motivation for those days when blogging just seems to fall in the too hard basket, trust me her words will get you back on track.  Thanks Erin for being with us today...enjoy her answers below:


Describe your blog in 3 words…
Simple, uplifting, intentional. (Or at least that's what I hope we convey!)
What is your blogging manifesto?
It's right here, actually!
Top 3 blogging essentials?
My MacBook Pro, The Day Designer and a hot cup of coffee!
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
It was a true honor to be listed among The London Times' top 50 design blogs in the world. Aside from that, launching my dream website, Clementine Daily, with a group of authentic, inspiring women was a very, very close second!
My dream collaboration would be?
Partnering with to create a line of simple, utilitarian items for the home, closet and mind. But I'm also pretty happy with my daily collaboration - working with these amazing editors to create original, encouraging content each day.
Right now I'm listening to... 
Ellie Holcomb - she's a dear friend!
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger? 
Write passionately and from your heart. Know one else can share your story because it's uniquely yours.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
An adventurer! Likely a serial quitter of jobs, as there hasn't been a career that has blended these passions of mine quite so beautifully as blogging can (and has).
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
Typing away in a local coffee shop, ear buds in with a furrowed brow - totally oblivious to the world around me. It also looks like a whoooooole lot of emailing! :)
In 2014 I'm most excited about... 
The new surprises that await me - the ones I can't yet imagine!