Behind The Blog Scene // Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!


There are some blogs I go to religiously for escape. For pure, blissful, unapologetic escape and that's where Chelsea Fuss comes in. Her blog, Frolic! is devoted to simple and thoughtful living and in a world that is sometimes woven with a non-stop blanket of 'stuff' - her beautiful blog is a welcome oasis. You know the kind I'm talking about - the ones that makes you linger a bit longer and appreciate the details.

You have to trust a girl that has been blogging since 2006 and has been recognized by The London Times, The Wall Street Journal, Domino and more. I was lucky enough to grab some time with her to talk about her honest style, her ideas for the future and some advice for those just starting out. Enjoy...

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Playful. lighthearted. pretty.
What is your blogging manifesto?
It's my creative space to post what I want.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
Laptop. camera. passport.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
When my new site went live earlier this year :)
Right now I'm listening to...
Ezza Rose
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Own who you are and be yourself.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
A gardener. 
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
Chaos, most often.
In 2014 I'm most excited about...
Learning about organic farming, gardening, and permaculture and hope to share my discoveries with my sweet blog readers.


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