Alt Summit // Winter 2015 Speaker Schedule Announced


Ask the question.

Whenever I'm asked about the best advice I could give someone that is trying to follow their dreams those 3 little words pour from my mouth and from my heart. Ask the question. 

For so long I used to sit and watch as other people succeeded and accomplished things I only dreamed of. It baffled me, made me envious, confused and lost as if there was a secret ingredient that I seemed to be missing out on. It was only later did I realise that there was a secret ingredient that at the time escaped me: courage.

I'm been so, so lucky and there have been some incredible opportunities that have come my way and I attribute those to a wonderful combination of hard work, good timing, pure luck - and courage. I've realised now that if you want something to happen you have to ask for it. Not the sexiest advice but it's true and that's just what happened when I set out years ago with the dream to someday speak at Alt Summit. 

I carried that dream around with me for years until I worked up the courage to apply to speak. I had nothing to lose but when I got the email from the event founders a few weeks ago announcing their 2015 Speaker line-up and congratulating me that I'd been chosen to speak it was moment I won't forget. I stood there amazed, in that sort of dazed, surreal feeling of dreaming about something for so long and then having it actually happen kind of moment. Then of course I jumped up and down because for me it was a really big moment - and still is. It's a bit strange to think that in a few weeks I'll be off to Salt Lake City to speak to hundreds of bloggers at an event that I've admired for sooo long. I'm nervous, excited and filled with a million different emotions but the simple fact is, this moment never would have arrived if I hadn't of asked the question.

Don't wait, don't hesitate, don't talk yourself out if it. Find the courage....and ask the question. See you all at Alt Summit...