A Look Back // Melbourne Modern Calligraphy with Lulu Lucky


When running a business it's pretty incredible to look back and see milestones or moments achieved that had at one time seemed impossible. When I first drafted the idea for a blogging community driven by online and offline workshops I had a list of a few 'dream' events that I wanted to make happen. Calligraphy was one of them.  I was so lucky to team up with Kara from Lulu Lucky to host 3 sold out events last year. It was a dream collaboration and I loved every minute of working with Kara - who for those that don't know is so full of happy energy, enthusiasm and endless inspiration. The woman is a talent force to be reckoned with and it was such fun dreaming up these workshops together.

We took our calligraphy show on the road and hit Melbourne, hosting our workshop at the amazing Pop & Scott studio. It was such a fun day and I can't wait to host more workshops - if you're keen on another collaboration between Blog Society & Lulu Lucky please comment below and I'll see what we can do to bribe Kara down from Brisbane - or perhaps another Blog Society road trip is in order?