Blog Biz // Content Creation: A Progressive Picnic with Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn & West Elm


The storytelling aspect of blogging is what I love most and find that in even the smallest of moments, an interesting story exists, just waiting to be told. As a marketer the ever increasing focus these days is on the creation of content and connecting with your audience through what remains at it's core - storytelling.

I have a huge admiration for clever content marketing and brand connection. It's not an easy balance and as a blogger I think we all hunt for ways to provide valuable, relevant and interesting content for our readers. Do you agree? I personally feel we have a ways to go in trying to earn money as bloggers but also doing it a way that feels organic, real and worthwhile. I wanted to share today an example of what I think is strong blogger/brand collaboration and its wonderful to finally see this type creative collaboration happening in in Australia - and hope to see more of it in the future.

In preparation for the launch of their new news Williams Sonoma (that is, the collective group of Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids) invited a handful of blogging friends to explore their new hood in the form of a Progressive Picnic. They traveled through the North Shore stopping along the way for lunch, coffee, chatting, lots of photos and of course ending at the new store - brilliant idea and twist on the standard press release announcement don't you think?

Now I've been luckily enough to partner with West Elm before and know their team values the blogging world, I thought this was a brilliant - and fun- way to look at how brands and bloggers can team up and think outside the box when it comes to partnership. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the day myself but a few of my blogging friends did and I'm lucky to share their story and photos below...would love to hear your thoughts on clever content marketing and what it means for bloggers moving forward?


Images by Erika Rax