8 Signs Of A Confident Blogger


By Kate Toholka

Confidence is one sexy magnet of an asset. It draws people in. It breeds success. The blogging world is no different – the confident, self-assured bloggers are the ones taking it to the next level. They are successful because they have an unwavering self-belief in their voice, which attracts the hordes to their blogs. To spot a confident blogger, or to become one yourself, take these eight signs as a starting point.

1. Their purpose bleeds through every word they write.
The blogs that excel have a very clear and articulate purpose. A confident blogger expresses their purpose in every post, every photo, every social media share, and every comment they make. They breathe it and believe wholeheartedly in it. And it’s what draws readers in their hordes. Purpose is hot. Passion is connection. It’s so incredibly attractive and it just paints a picture of a blogger glowing with soulful, confident glow.

2. They don’t hesitate to sell.
Selling is such a dirty word. But not to the confident blogger. Bloggers have incredible value to offer their readers and they have a living to make too. The confident blogger doesn’t do the sleazy selling, but doesn’t hesitate to offer their services for a well-deserved price. I see lots of bloggers out there absolutely paralysed with fear by the whole idea of selling. Ladies, ladies, gents. Let’s be real here. Your gift deserves a price tag on it. You’ve just got to have the confidence to put it out there.

3. They’re passionately unapologetic.
A confident blogger has the guts to press publish on those posts that are sure to stir up hefty criticism. Stacey, the Veggie Mama, happily pissed people off with her posts on a variety of controversial subjects. She probably knew it was sure to invite the trolls but that didn’t stop her. And have we heard an apology? Hell no. Respect sister, respect.

4. They have a loyal following. Because they listen.
The most successful bloggers have mastered the art of listening. They make it less about them and more about their loyal tribe. Firstly, they attract their ideal tribe because they’ve nailed #1. Their tribe gets them. Secondly, they talk and listen to their tribe. They ask and ask and ask some more. They’re confident in their ability to stay true to their passion, but also adapt to what their tribe is asking of them. 

5. They turn mistakes into lessons.
Anyone who is confident, regardless if they are a blogger or not, understand that mistakes are lessons in (painful) disguise. They happen to us all, and it’s the ones that bounce back quickly, with the lesson learnt, that thrive. In the wise words of the indomitable Lisa Messenger: “Set backs are just that - they set you back. So fail fast and move on with warp speed’.

6. The have a healthy dose of self-doubt.
Confidence is fluid. It ebbs and flows between Donald Trump arrogance to the shy, geeky 12 year old kid. A confident blogger is no stranger to those moments of self-doubt. They just don’t give in to it. 

7. They own their individuality.
Leonie Dawson is the queen of this. Her flamboyant, colourful personality matched with her Aussie potty mouth that my farming uncles would love, is so distinctly Leonie. It doesn’t suit everyone but you have to admire her confidence and ability to completely own it. She’s happy being the business blogger for hippies and unicorns and mermaids. She doesn’t hold back and she doesn’t apologise, ever. The 50,000 on her mailing list shows you just how powerful her confidence in herself has resulted in a very successful blog.

8. They connect with their idols.
Every blogger has someone that makes them feel like a teenage girl with a celebrity crush. We watch them from afar, go weak at our knees when they reply to our stalker comments and think we’ve hit the jackpot when they like our Instagram post. But the confident blogger takes it a step further and actually initiates contact with their idol. They seek advice or throw a killer pitch: “I love what you’re about, please let me write for you, prettttyyyy please!” Ok, they do it better than that, but you get the point. They actually step out of the shadow and introduce themselves. Which, more often than not, leads to incredible opportunities. It does take time to become a confident blogger. The more you write, the more you find your voice and your confidence grows. But keep at it, success loves confidence.

Kate Toholka is a Holistic Health & Life Coach, Occupational Therapist and the author of  the #1 Amazon Best Seller, ‘Healthy Habits: The Busy Women’s Guide to Boosting Productivity, Health and Happiness’. After becoming disillusioned working in the mental health industry, Kate sought to use her unbridled passions for holistic living and psychology to empower women into their dream business and lives. She is known for her raw honesty and ability to help women to tap into their unlimited potential. Kate believes in the power of community, self-love, inspired action, the natural order and your phenomenal worth. Connect with Kate on her Blog, FacebookTwitter and Instagram @kate_toholka.