Blogger Photography Workshop // Lens & Layout


I couldn't think of a better way to start off my week than by sharing one of our most recent events and one that sits close to my heart. A simple photography workshop held back in 2012 was the catalyst for Blog Society and to host another class - this time with a slightly different focus seems like the perfect way to bring things full circle as we approach our first birthday.

I've been waiting to post these photos because I honestly had such difficulty in choosing which ones to share, they call captured the afternoon so perfectly.  First let me explain that our Lens & Layout class was a photography & InDesign workshop designed by bloggers, for bloggers. I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with Ronnie from Pink Ronnie and Trish from Tealily Photography to co-host this class and it was a team I can't wait to work with again - thank you ladies for sharing your generous knowledge.

We gathered with a group of talented and creative women and spent an afternoon together sharing skills, our experiences and walking away with new knowledge.  There was a moment in class where I looked around and felt profoundly happy that I'm lucky enough to be able to host events that fill my heart with such gratitude.  This weekend as we opened up sales for a new terrarium workshop, I counted my blessings at being able to work with such fun ideas and bring people together, there isn't anything like it and it's a driving force behind what we do.

Well I hope this week treats you well and that good things are in store. Although my photography and design skills still have miles to go and so much learning ahead of me, I hope you enjoy taking a look back at our workshop, it was one of the ones I'm most proud of hosting...