Lens & Layout // Photography/Design Workshop

I consider blogging to be a form of digital storytelling, a theme that I have woven through my classes and actions during 2013 and will continue in 2014.  In fact, our launch event at last year's Vivid Festival was entitled 'Embracing The Art of Digital Storytelling.'  Moving beyond just the written word, I believe that images, strong and telling, are a vital part of the blogging experience and as a novice photographer with a budding passion to learn more about this in-depth field, I've set out to create a workshop that represents everything that Blog Society is all about - creativity, community and collaboration. Welcome to Lens & Layout - the first class in Australia dedicated to teaching photography and InDesign for (and by) bloggers.

Our very first photography for bloggers class was held in late 2012 and was the launch pad for Blog Society. Over the past 12 months the idea for this class was formed as I truly believe that taking strong images and learning how to edit them properly go hand in hand.  Far from an expert myself I've teamed up with two creative and incredibly talented women to help pass along their skills to their fellow bloggers. They are a talented duo who have hosted a series of events called Life Captured that are truly inspiring and I'm lucky to be co-hosting this amazing workshop with Tealily Photography and Pink Ronnie. We hope you'll join us for an intimate, creatively-fuelled afternoon of learning, inspiration and digital storytelling goodness.

For all the details and to book your spot visit here - hurry as only a couple of spots are left!

What new skills are you ready to embrace in 2014?