5 Ways To Improve Your Living Room // Style File


By Ashlee Gerrard

When it comes to living rooms everyone has their own personal style, we all have an idea of what we like and what we’d prefer to have in our living room but sometimes it can feel like we just need that little extra something to fill the gap…. but what with?

I want to show you 5 key pieces to help freshen up your living room and help give you ideas if you are just needing something little to finish your living room off.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, think about what your want to do and what you think will look good with your living room, then look around to find the perfect pieces and the price your happy with! 

As you can see we have used a before and after photo for our living room shoot. With the before photo you can still see this as a great living room, lots of natural right and lots of space, to help add some warmth into this living room the 5 key pieces we are focusing on today are; Coffee table, Fresh flowers, Cushions, Lamps and Photos. Flowers are always great to have in your home, they create a beautiful fresh feeling, in our picture we are using Singapore Orchids they come in crisp white or bight yellow, there are about $12 a bunch and last up to 2 weeks, they are affordable and look great! Place these on your coffee table to help create that fresh look.

Cushions are a big one for me, I love having something to snuggle into when I’m on the couch, plus cushions can create a great pop of color if your not going to be using any artwork in your living room, cushions are a great substitute for this. Lamps can create a certain lighting in a room, which is great for the living room, if its night time and you’re wanting to watch a movie and still want some light a lamp is the perfect solution. We have two lamps showing in our picture the floor lamp as well as the table lamp in-between the two couches. Floor lamps will generally offer more light, but if your just after something subtle then a table lamp is what your after!

A nice final touch to finish off your living room is to add a few of your favorite pictures and place them in a nice frame. Best location would be TV unit, side table or library shelf. As you can see in our after photo, we have used a throw rug as well as some coffee table books, we have not added these into the top 5 key pieces, but they are definitely great extras to have.

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Image by Two Guinea Pigs