5 Essential Time Saving Tips For Bloggers


By Chloe Thea

When it comes to blogging, the list of things that ‘take time’ is truly, honestly endless. Whether you’re a newbie to the blog scene or a larger–than-life juggernaut like Miss Marie Forleo, there is certainly no denying it - running a blog takes a hell of a lot of work, perseverance, time and energy on your behalf. But it’s not all bad. I want to help you to claim back some of your blogging time – so you can shimmy on into your blogging journey with ease, grace and a nice rounded dollop of renewed ‘I’ve got this!’ enthusiasm.  

Don’t let time management get in the way of running a successful blog - here are 5 super-practical time management tips for bloggers. 

1) The Regular Feature
One of the best time hacks for bloggers is hosting a regular ‘feature’ on your blog – for example, you might host a link roundup post each Wednesday. Not only does this strategy help to build reader loyalty – but it saves you time because you’re not scrambling for content ideas. You could take this time saving hack one step further and prepare these features in bulk – next time you’re writing a link round up, spend an extra hour or two researching and bang out 3 other versions of that post type. 

2) Get Yourself A FAQ Page
Are you getting a tsunami of emails flooding into your inbox everyday with similarly sounding questions? Yep, I hear you. Spend some time and make a list of all the questions you get asked frequently, and put the answers on a dedicated FAQ page on your blog. Yes, this isn’t the most innovative idea, but don’t discount it based on simplicity alone - it works. For bonus points, make sure your auto-responder email points to your brand- spanking FAQ page for maximum timesaving effectiveness. 

3) Set Yourself Some Boundaries 
Now that you’ve got your FAQ page set up, it’s time to update the copy on your Contact Me page. Putting a short, sweet, sincere disclaimer about approximate response times sets clear expectations for your readers about how long you take, (if at all) to respond to reader emails. 

At first, this idea can sound a little stand-offish, but tweak the language, fill it with love and your readers will thank you for the soul-fuelled posts you’re able to create now you’re no longer replying to individual emails. 

4) Ask The Audience 
Tired of coming up with Pulitzer-winning ideas for blog posts? Why not take some post requests from your readers! After all, they’re the ones who are reading, consuming and hopefully, loving your content, so why not find out what they’d like to read? It’s a win-win. You get to serve up juicy, anticipated content and your audience can indulge in topics they’re super interested in. 

5) All Hail The Automation Angels
I’m always on the lookout for ways to make things easy for myself and when it comes to blogging, automation is a biggie - get ahead by scheduling your posts using Wordpress’ built-in scheduling tool. All you need to do is sit down one afternoon, hammer out 3 new posts, code them up in Wordpress and schedule them using the automated timer tool. Now that your post schedule is ahead, you’re able to free up your mind with other bloggy things – like how to better serve your beautiful readers (or reach a bigger audience with that all-too-incredible post you just wrote!).

What are your favourite time hacks as a blogger? Chloe Thea is a Holistic Time Management and Productivity Coach—passionate about helping big-hearted creatives become masters of their time and energy so they can shine bigger, brighter. Her blog, You Can Go Your Own Way, serves up practical and empowering time management tips. Her mission is to help creative women understand that sustainable productivity is deeply rooted in self-care. 

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