5 self-care tools that will give you blogging super powers

By Sarah Magdalena Love

Consistently providing inspiring high-quality content can be a huge challenge, especially if you are just starting out. If I am honest, it took me a while to really understand that taking care of myself is time very well spend, especially in the most stressful times. 

Self-care is about so much more than staying hydrated and doing the odd yoga class – it can help you stay spiritually grounded, it connects you to the big Why of your work and it supports you in staying true to your message.

Here are the my five favourite tools I recommend for people who are full of ideas, but are sometimes (like me) running low on creative energy: 

Find a meditation practice that works for you

If I had to name one thing that changed my life for the better, it would definitely be meditation. It gives me clarity, strengthens my vision and keeps me on track. Many of us quit when we dip our toes into a practice that just isn`t right for us because it starts to feel like a burden before it can become a positive habit. But the truth is that you don`t have to sit in silence for an hour every morning – there are countless short, guided meditations that are really easy to integrate into your life.

Look around for a teacher that really inspires you, maybe even find something tailored to creatives and entrepreneurs. If in any way possible, I would also recommend creating a dedicated meditation space. If you have somewhere beautiful and cozy to sit down with a tea and a vision board, getting out of bed and being a little creative firework will become so much easier. 

Integrate movement into your day

We all know that yoga is awesome and that maybe starting to run regularly would make us feel better, but we rarely have the time to make all those “shoulds” happen. 

Taking tiny breaks to shake it out can make a huge difference to your work though – try using the 7 fitness app for a full body workout in seven minutes, bonus points if you listen to “Flawless” by Beyonce. 

I also stream yoga videos online because I want to stay inspired through new practices, but I often don`t find the time to go to a studio class. 

Create a life worth writing about and make your desk THE place to be

Constantly running through routines and feeling stuck in life does naturally reflect in our writing. Even fancy studies show that it`s super important to regularly take breaks from all social media, do something completely different, to go see a new place and go on an adventure in nature. The best ideas always come to us when we stop trying to make them happen. Currently I am trying to go and explore a new neighbourhood every other week, but I also love visiting quiet, peaceful libraries with actual paper books and no WIFI. 

To make sure my return is creative and productive, I treat myself to fresh flowers and have an aromatherapy burner with lemon and geranium oil on my desk. I really do love my space and I make keeping it clear and lovely a priority, even on the wildest deadline. 

Celebrate Monday morning like it’s your birthday

I try to sit down towards the end of the week and make a priority plan for the next week, that way I don`t wake up on Monday feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. I also don`t schedule any fixed appointments before noon on Mondays, because I love to start the week super mindfully with a hot bath, a nice book and a second breakfast in the garden. I think the added chill totally pays off because I am able to carry it through my week and work with more focus. 

Say no with love

It’s cool to say yes to life, snacks and naps, but sometimes you have to get better at saying no when you need to in order to take care of yourself. Clearing your calendar of dreaded items creates space for new creative adventures that will transform into fuel for your blog. I also use unroll.me to clear my inboxes from anything that doesn`t positively contribute to my life or business because life is too short to waste even 30 seconds a day to delete unwanted emails. 

I totally believe you can do this!

Sarah Magdalena Love is a holistic life coach, a digital strategist for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, a yoga teacher and a writer. She lives in Berlin with her little dog Orlando and offers Wordpress design & setup programs that include 1:1 coaching and tons of inspiration. 

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Photo Credit: Unsplash