Link Love // The Friday Files


Well this week certainly flew by didn't? A sign of things to come for 2014 I'd say...

If January was a slow roll then February certainly seems to be starting off with a load roar - in a good way of course. I don't know if it's bottled up energy or that my mind is rested and ready to work but the ideas are flowing, big time. Suddenly it's like every blog I read or magazine I flip through sparks inspiring thoughts, plans, ideas and need to act. I've let this new energy guide me this week and feel satisfied at the progress made: emails were sent, projects started, lists created and creativity returned. 


It's a great feeling however I'm determined to strike a balance and not be too consumed by my runaway thoughts. So to counteract my growing to-do lists this weekend I'm heading down the coast for a last minute camping getaway. I'm reading to put my feet in the sand, enjoy a country breakfast, step away from the laptop, read a book and unplug (well almost, I'll still of course be on Instagram, I'm not that dedicated)


But first here's a look at this week's collection of The Friday Files! Thank you so much for all your kind words about this new series and I truly believe that sharing sources of inspiration will only allow us to grow as bloggers. Here's this week's weekly wrap up:

  • Inspired and slightly obsessed with this app and instagram feed - warning you'll immediately want to hit the kitchen.
  • Happy to discover this new US designer and love her clean, simple aesthetic
  • This post reminded me that the good old days are now. Stop worrying and enjoy them.
  • Don't apologise, be yourself -and other wise words (yes I had to squeeze in another Alt mention).
  • LOVE this series and hope to take part myself this year.
  • Just watch this video. Trust me.