4 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in Daily Communications

By Connie Sirois

So you're an entrepreneur or you want to be one. And your journey so far has taught you that you'll need to hire people to do tasks that you don't have the time or know-how to do: create your logo, build your website, brand your company, and more. Your journey has also taught you that you'll need to learn about marketing, social media, e-commerce, and so on. And certainly, on this journey, you have figured out that you will communicate a lot every day and that the skills needed to do this well are NOT ones that you can hire out. This part is all you, and surely, you want to impress.  

Here's the truth. Your daily communication doesn't show up as a line item on your financial balance sheet like marketing and advertising and consulting do, but when your daily communication is less than impressive, it does impact your bottom line.

So what are you to do?

You'll be communicating again in a few minutes probably, so here are four tips to help you improve your daily communication and change a potential liability into an asset. 

  1. Have an AUDIENCE FOCUS every time you communicate. (Know their needs; Respect their time.)
  2. Use the YOU ATTITUDE. (That "you" stands for the audience, not for "you" the communicator.)  Turn "I," "me," and "my" into "you" and "your." (But remember to avoid "you" for a negative. "You ruined the day" is never a good idea.)
  3. Keep a POSITIVE and CONVERSATIONAL TONE in all communications. (You'll get a better response, even for not-so-pleasant news.)
  4. Be CONCISE and CLEAR. (A few powerful words are better than many. And "clear" includes getting rid of grammatical and mechanical mistakes, as much as you may hate to think about this.)

As entrepreneurs, we have busy days, and often we will have to communicate with little time to formulate a response. These tips, once internalized, will make you a better daily communicator who is more effective and more respected by every audience. 

May business success follow you wherever you may go. 

For 20 years, Connie has taught and tutored thousands of students in the ways of communication, especially business communication. Most recently, she's launched a coaching business to bring this expertise to business professionals and entrepreneurs and work with them on communicating impressively. 

During these two decades, she's experienced the evolution in business communication. She has learned these changes, taught these changes, and gained a deep understanding of how business communication works and what clients and colleagues expect.

You can find her life and career coaching company at resetfocus.com and her business communication page at conniesirois.com