3 Tips for Scaling Your Blog with Collaboration

By Jessica Ruhfus

Collaboration is becoming more and more of a buzz word, but have you ever thought ‘how do I make this work for me?’ There are often concerns about compromising on your brand by introducing another voice, or imbalanced benefits where the two collaborators don’t really get what they want from the effort put in. 

The truth is, collaborations and strategic brand partnerships are necessary (that’s right, I said it!), in order to scale your blog or brand. Why? Because they’re the most effective, budget friendly, valuable tools for tapping into existing communities of relevant people within your target market. 

Before I launch into my tips, I have to mention that there are hundreds of definitions and understandings of the word ‘collaboration’ - particularly in the business space. The way I define them is;

Two brands working together to get awesome marketing exposure, engage their communities and grow their businesses. Collaboration is a marketing tool that should be mutually beneficial and secured with relevant brands to be successful.

Here are my tips for getting what you want and collaborating the right way:

1. Simplify Your Goals

If you go into a collaboration with the goal of world domination and celebrity status, you’re missing a key step - the customer ‘path’. Before you can reach the big end goal, consider how you’re going to get there. It could be building your email list, growing your Instagram presence, building content, selling tickets to an event etc. Your collaboration should work to achieve elements within the customer path.

2.  Follow Through

I’m a big believer in the idea that every point of contact with your brand is extremely important in maintaining your brand identity. From customer service experience through to brand collaborations, make sure you stand by your brand and be transparent. Follow through on promises and treat collaborations as business deals (i.e if it’s not working, don’t be afraid to ditch it!) In kind, make sure you communicate what your goals are to avoid disappointment and ensure your collaborator follows through as well.

3.  Offer Value

Collaboration for the sake of collaboration, or incessant / irrelevant cross promotion will eventually do your brand a disservice. Think about what your audience wants - it’s always something of value. Make sure your collaboration is offering something of value to both audiences; to build trust, familiarity AND engaging brand exposure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with some brand collaborations and watch your community grow!

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