Link Love // The Friday Files


One of the best things about writing this column is that it allows me to stop and reflect on the week that was. To pause, ponder and remember moments, big or small, that often would be forgotten in the fast paced, whirlwind that is my life. There were certainly some milestones achieved this week as well as a few late nights burning the midnight oil in order to get caught up but I'm realising that these highs and lows are all part of the journey. Luckily it was balanced out with some fun events and a chance to connect with bloggers I don't often get to see. So as we round out Friday I'm looking at a weekend with zero plans and can't wait to do absolutely nothing but relax and recharge before Monday hits. Hope your weekend is blissful, before you head off here are some links from around the web that had me smiling...

  • Go on and fail, but do it gracefully
  • This gal is my new girl crush. Zoe can we please be best friends?
  • Some awesome shots from our workshop last Friday
  • Never under estimate flower power, I had a blast at this event in Sydney.
  • Did you miss my interview with THE Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge? Read it here.

Top Image: Tealily