A Look Back // A Sydney Kinfolk Gathering


There are some events that hold a special place in your heart. That stand out, forever etched in your memory and one such event was the Kinfolk Sydney Gathering that took place last year. I actually can't believe that I haven't posted about it before but stumpled upon the photos while cleaning out the laptop this weekend and had to share it with you here, it's too beautiful to keep to myself. 

As many of you know gatherings are a core part of what Blog Society is all about, I personally believe that face to face connection is the bond that ties us all together and I can't wait to expand upon that here in the coming weeks and bring you a variety of events from around the world that have caught my eye, brought people together and created some lasting memories for everyone involved.

For now sit back and enjoy the deliciousness that occurred at Glenmore House last November on a warm summer night. As the Kinfolk team so perfectly stated, "there was a contagious optimism floating around the well-connected Australian creative community, and rather than a generating a feeling of petty competitiveness, the scene here is all about collaboration." And I couldn't agree more. I remember sitting down to eat and looking around, emotionally moved at the energy you could feel and remembering why I had started Blog Society in the first place - to extend that energy and power of colloaboration to others. Our next Kinfolk event is coming soon, keep your eyes peeled...

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.08.30 am.png