Puno Dostres of Made With Map // Behind The Blog Scene

As we kick off our month of #maybizmakeovers and help you fine tune and refresh your biz, we thought it was the perfect time to talk to our LA pal and all around biz boss, Puno Dostres, Founder of I Love Creatives and Made With Map. Puno has mastered the art of Instagram, growing her following in one year to over 95K and has a new online course she has just launched (in addition to a million other super cool side projects - the girl is BUSY!). I was lucky to grab a minute with her to pick her brain on all things social...

Describe your blog or biz in 3 words…
We love creatives!
What is your blog/biz manifesto?
It’s OK to be a slashie (i.e. designer/brand strategist/director). “Jack (or Jane) of all trades, master of none.” I appreciate mastery, but what if you want to try a lot of different things? With the right community and tools, we think it’s completely possible to live a Slashie life.
Top 3 biz essentials?
Aw man! Only three? I could go on forever about biz tools. :) Dropbox is a lifesaver. We use it to organize our editorial calendar for @madewithmap’s instagram. I use it for my freelance clients. If I ever mess up really bad on a photoshop file, I can just go back to the history and recover. I put all my screenshots on there automatically so I can send auto-created links. It’s the best.

Multiple Desktops + Google Chrome Users so I can manage multiple accounts! One day, I was complaining to the husband about how it’s hard to manage multiple accounts on Instagram. He told me about Google Chrome Users and I just about died that day. Died of joy! It’s amazing. Combine that with multiple desktops (and unique wallpapers to visually distinguish) and you’ve got mini portals to your slashie life. Cie la vie logging in and out!

Wacom Tablet - I’m on the computer a lot and the mouse just makes my wrist hurt. It’s a learning curve, but I highly recommend using a Wacom Tablet if you work on your computer a lot. Especially if you use photoshop or illustrator.

My biggest moment/milestone was....
Was when I quit my job. I was at Activision for three years and it really drained me emotionally. I loved the work, but the politics got in the way. I realized that most of my work was spent managing expectations and defending ideas. I was so unsatisfied with that slow moving boat.

My husband quit his job a year before and we knew that we wanted to do something together. It’s amazing how much we’ve learned in these past two years. It’s not easy and it definitely takes a type of person to do it, but if you have the discipline to be persistent and passionate for a whole year, go for it.

My dream collaboration would be?
NastyGal’s GirlBoss and ilovecreatives.

I would love to redesign the “Job Fair”. Nasty Gal’s GirlBoss Foundation help inspire and support a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands. With the internet, jobs are being made up left and right! There are people that are looking for more interesting, creative jobs. There are people who are interested in freelance. I want to bring all of that goodness under one roof.
Right now I'm listening to…
I really dig this song by Birthday Boy:
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
I’m actually not a blogger right now, but I was a food blogger for a stint. I couldn’t believe how well received it was. People don’t care how small you are.

I feel like ilovecreatives is a mini blog in that we produce content every week. The only difference is that they are in a form of an “ad”. Haha, I even used the Squarespace blog block.

If you are going to build a blog, I would definitely create a growth spreadsheet so that you understand the trajectory of your blog. Are you growing? If you keep going at this pace, what will your blog grow to in six months? A year? Understanding where you will be be based on your effort now makes the journey less overwhelming. The worst is when you’re up all night wondering if your efforts are going anywhere.
If I wasn't building a badass business I'd be...
Working for an Incubator helping founders build their business! Right now in my life, I love building businesses, but I am craving a trip to Alma too. :)
Behind the scenes of my biz looks like…
Emails, spreadsheets, and a lot of in-person meetings in the Arts District.
This year I'm most excited about…
Launching PeopleMap. My husband and I built it a year ago. We needed a tool to help us manage our outreach for @madewithmap’s instagram. I never thought that someone would pay for it. One day, I showed it to a friend who does Social Media marketing and they were like, “I needed that yesterday. When can I sign up?” I had NO idea.

We’re hoping to launch it end of May, but you can play with the calculator now. :)

Photos Credit: Sisilia Piring