Link Love // The Friday Files

This past weekend I took a long, aimless walk and while I wandered listened to a podcast series that totally left me feeling grateful and inspired.  It not only made me realise that stepping away from the computer is actually the best way to spark up creativity that may be wavering but it reminded me to try and ensure my weekends are filled with family, friends and plenty of rest.  

Crossing things off my to-do list and catching up on blog posts may feel satisfying but if you’ve spent the entire weekend in front of the computer you end up (or at least I do) feeling frustrated and tired. Your body and soul sometimes need a rest and while I felt myself feeling run down this week, I actually let myself take a break and it was wonderful and just what I needed.

Heading into this weekend I’m looking to embrace that same attitude and I hope you  are too. Some link love I just had to share before signing off...happy weekend!

  • These podcasts are brilliant and insightful - listen and learn.
  • Looking forward to visiting Berry in a few weeks and hitting this special spot for breakfast.
  • Loved chatting with this inspiring designer in our new blog series, Behind The Blog Scene.
  • Does style and success go hand in hand? It does for these women
  • I can’t wait to bring something like this to Australia someday soon…watch this space.