Part 1 // What Was The Biggest Lesson You Learned In 2014?


I'm a big believer in looking back and appreciating how far you've come (compared to always looking at how far you have to go.) This time of the year is always one for learning and to take onboard what may have worked (or didn't work) for your blog or business and aim to change and amend in the year ahead.

This year has been a HUGE learning curve for me and if there is one lesson that I can take away from the many that I have experienced, it would to not let fear hold you back from going after what you truly want. That one small lesson has been at the forefront of my mind for a while and I was curious what other bloggers had to say so I set out to ask some of my favourite blogging friends what their biggest learning lesson was in 2014. Here's what they had to say:

"This year I learnt the importance of delegation and outsourcing if you want your blog to become a full-time, long-term, commercially viable business. Blog doesn't have to mean solo operation and having paid help is nothing to be ashamed of; in fact it's a sign you're doing well! This is really part of my strong belief that if you want your blog to become a business you need to treat it like one." - Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict

"The biggest lesson I learnt in 2014 was the importance of promoting my blog and using social media to it's full potential. For so long, I had been hitting publish on posts and then just expecting readers to 'find me'! As soon as I started using social media for more than just pictures of cake and puppies (and Blog Society has been a huge help in figuring this out!), I noticed such a difference in views and audience engagement." -  Laura Murray  

"Every image counts, so take the time to produce beautiful, original content. Keep trying to do bigger and better and only publish posts you are really proud of. 1 really great post is far better than 5 ok ones. Oh and networking is everything! Even online. Email the people you admire, speak to strangers at those awkward events - put yourself out there. The support, motivation and collaborative opportunities that you'll receive as a result will never cease to amaze." -Fiona Michelon, The Craft Hunter

"The biggest lesson I learned as a blogging in 2014 was that it is ok to write what you want to write. Don’t just write what you think people want to hear, but writing from your heart and what you are passionate about is the only way to stay happy and motivated as a blogger." - Amanda Fuller, Kaleidoscope Blog

"Branding is key. I completely overhauled my website, went from Summersalt Life to, hired a marketer and graphics designer and have just seen my blog soar to new heights. By going through a thorough process of my brand, including what I want to be known for to who I want to help, I have been able to produce better quality content and actually put it on the screens of those who need it the most." - Kate Toholka  

"Just ask : no matter how wild the idea or crazy the collaboration is, put it out there you never know what the response will be if you dont ask." - Samantha Dunne, Dunne With Style  

"As a blogger, I think the biggest lesson I learned in 2014 is the valuable worth of collaboration with other bloggers. I built up my blog traffic this year, purely out of collaboration. In creating a Contributors Team, I was able to blog "blissfully" (less stress) and grow my natural network, because each contributor brought with her her own unique audience. It also gave birth to a "movement" of sorts, under #makeitblissful, which I have been able to activate recently on Instagram, which has all the more built up my brand. Connection and collaboration — here to more of it in 2015" Martine Cosio de Luna, Make It Blissful 

"My biggest lesson for 2014 would have to be to not only listen to my gut, but to act on it also, regardless of the fear. I'm doing this by changing the name of my blog and working on a complete restyle. If I had listened to the fear of potentially losing readers, I would probably have lost them anyway because I had outgrown where I was and was losing the passion. The reality is that I've had such an encouraging response from my readers for what I'm doing. It took me almost nine months to make that decision, but since making that commitment to myself, I feel so energised and excited for all of the possibilities ahead." - Mel Chesneau, Armoire, Pegs and Casserole 

"For me, 2014 was about blogging less frequently, but more robustly. I resisted the urge to whip up a quick post to 'feed the monster' and instead spent more time creating posts that were meatier and had more crafted content. I haven't always been successful at maintaining this new rhythm, but each week and each month are an improvement. The best part has been forcefully carving out more time and space to be more creative, and I'm much more proud of my content than I was one year ago." - Steph Bond Hutkin, Bondville

What was YOUR biggest lesson in 2014? I'd love to hear your thoughts so please don't hesitate to share them below...also for those wanting to dive in and get involved with our community, we'll be hosting another Blog Society Twitter Chat at 7:30pm TONIGHT - find us on Twitter here and look for the #blogsociety