Digital Bravery Twitter Chat // 16 December

After last month's super successful and ridiculously fun Twitter Chat, I've decided to host another one with the theme of Digital Bravery tomorrow night at 7pm (Australian EST). I've set aside an hour for this chat as last time we went WAY over our time limit because everyone was sharing so much incredible info. I do hope you'll join us for a completely addictive hour and I do think this might change your view of Twitter if you haven't been a fan in the past.

Joining us is easy - simply jump onto Twitter at 7pm, use the hashtag #blogsociety and follow along. Don't be shy - we want you to get involved and have your say. We'll start with the following questions (just make sure to use the Question numbers when posting your responses so we can all follow along. 

  • Q1. What's been the biggest learning lesson for you in 2014?
  • Q2. Planning: As a biz owner or blogger do you have a business plan or marketing plan? Let's discuss!
  • Q3. Is social media dead? Let's talk about the backlash and future of social media 
  • Q4. Let's talk the power of goal setting and what you hope to achieve in 2015

Can't wait to chat on Tuesday!