Link Love // The Friday Files


Sometimes life can throw you curve balls and this was certainly one of those weeks that was packed with pinch me moments (I can't wait to share more!) and unexpected challenges that tested my resolve more than I care to admit. Do you know the feeling? Change is constant and the sooner we can thrive in an environment of chaos, the better equipped we'll be to tackle life's challenges head on.

Luckily for me, these hurdles were minimal in the great scheme of life and after taking a big deep breath I was able to reframe my situation and slowly push forward, leaning into my fear and self-doubt, and (fingers crossed) will be emerging on the other side, stronger, and in the exact place where I should be. And so my business and blogging adventure continues...


Throughout these highs and lows I found inspiration in the following Friday Files links I couldn't wait to share:

  • This cause is so worthy of your support.
  • My corporate life is packed full of meetings that look nothing like this. It's a shame.
  • This NYC gathering reminded me I need to plan another blogger's brunch - who's in?
  • I want these for Valentine's Day or wait...maybe these? I can't decide.
  • Yes it's summer but we all still need to know how to do this.
  • Simple style does exist.

Top Image: Tealily Photography

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