Blogging // A Fresh Start For 2014

Hello 2014.

The new year brings a fresh start, a blank slate and a world of opportunity just waiting to be seized.

As a blogger I tend to start off the year slowly and have always found January to be a time for reflection and for essentially getting my self together and collecting my thoughts. December always proves to be a busy time and when January hits, instead of feeling organised I feel flustered, behind the ball and scrambling to catch up.  Admittedly the whole blogging world seems to have their entire year planned but I'm here to raise my hand and admit that my goals and hopes for 2014 are just beginning to take shape and while my aims are high, the finer details have yet to fall in place. It was this post that I read last year that made me realise that I'll get there of course, we all do, but it may just take time and trusting in the process. I hope some of you can relate.


2013 was an incredible year for me - bringing Blog Society to life was a dream come true and launching this blog provides an opportunity to reach out to other bloggers in a way that is honest and candid and will aim to provide you with glimpses into our events as well as inspiring tips, information and advice on how to create a blog that is not only fun but one that is a true reflection of you - that has always been a core value of Blog Society and is my promise to you. The art of blogging and storytelling is a passion of mine. Its our own unique voices and experiences that make our blogs interesting and over the year's I've come to realise that it is best to run your own race, to blog for you rather than looking elsewhere. I have this post from Decor8 to thank for helping to set me in the right path for 2014.

So with 2014 here, its time to gather those thoughts, dreams and ideas and begin to put them into action. Go slowly if you need to, but make them happen nevertheless.  Also remember to take a look back and see how far you've actually come - you might just be surprised. And when those waves of doubt come crashing in (they always do) let them wash over you and move on.  This is your year, make a great one and we'll be right here with you along with the way.