10 Reasons Why You Should Blog From Your Soul


By Elyse Gorman

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” - Rumi

When faced with decisions in life, you have two options – to base your choices on external influences, or base your choices on your intuition and heart. If you're more outward-facing, you're often heavily influenced by the status quo, the media, current trends, your peer group, and the opinions of well-meaning friends and family.

If you're more inward-facing, you mostly go with your intuition and you’re led by love – what lights you up, energises you and feels right and fulfilling at a soul level. When it comes to blogging, many of us are guilty of looking around the blogging landscape and going, "Bingo! That's what everyone is doing, so that's what I should do. I'll follow this trend on that topic in this niche in that format."

There is nothing wrong with learning from and being inspired by others per se – but problems arise when the current trend, niche or format is not one that feels right to you. So you're going along for the ride because you think you should, not because you want to.Whether you're a pre-established blogger or a newbie about to launch, here are 10 reasons why you should consider blogging from your soul more, rather than feeling pressured to bend over backwards to follow trends, please the elusive 'ideal customer avatar' and fit the status quo.

10 Reasons Why You Should Blog From Your Soul

1. You will have more energy.
When you write about what you love using your own unique style and voice, you experience something known as 'inspired action' – where you're in the flow, the words flood onto the page, and you feel energised by the experience. The activity 'fills your well' and nourishes you at a soul level. This is in contrast to actions that are out of line with your true self – they feel forced, overwhelmingly tough and energy-draining.

2. You will have more ideas.
When you're writing about one of your passions, you are often inundated with ideas – in fact, they just won't stop! Whether you’re in the shower, in a yoga class or cooking dinner, ideas will pop into your head faster than you can jot them down.

3. You will feel a sense of pride.
When you’re being true to you, you get a sense of satisfaction and a soft glow of pride from the work you’re understanding and what you're sharing with the world. Conversely, when you're blogging about something that isn't really true to you, you often feel a gnawing anxiety inside, like something is off but you can't put your finger on it.

4. You can write in your voice.
When you're writing about something you love, it’s like you have an in-built grasp of the lingo, concepts and analogies needed to communicate it to others. It's your world – you're at home and you can use your own unique and beautiful voice. 

5. You will meet kindred spirits.
Your tribe is out there, somewhere, and you won't find them unless you put out the right symbols to the world – symbols of who you really are, what lights you up, and what you value and believe in. Meeting kindred spirits can open up a whole new world of inspiration, connection, love, fun and support, so open yourself up to them by showing your true colours.

6. Opportunity may knock.
Blogging is an incredible platform for building your skills and expertise, and it gives you an opportunity to invite out-of-this-world career, collaboration and project opportunities into your life. In order to make the most of these opportunities, it makes sense to be writing and creating in an area that you truly enjoy.

7. Life is precious.
Life is too short and precious to fill your days with things you don't enjoy – so when it comes to blogging (or any endeavour in life) always be led by joy, love and passion – not pushed by fear.

8. Love-filled content rocks.
Content created with love and passion has a different quality or energy to it. You can feel when you're reading an article or admiring a creative work that has been created with love by someone who truly diggs it.

9. The world needs your gifts.
You are a once-in-a-humankind combination of talents, quirks and passions and there will never be another person like you. So share your passions with the world.

10. You will experience self-growth.
Blogging is such an amazing opportunity for self-discovery and self-growth. If you’re being led by what you love, you’re giving yourself a chance to get to know your desires and intuition better, so you can rise into your highest self.

Elyse Gorman is the founder of NotesOnBliss.com, your guide to happiness and creating a beautiful life. She is also the creator and director of the Beautiful Life Bootcamp eCourse, a 6-week journey to getting in touch with your soul, releasing emotional blocks, creating your dreams and desires, and expanding your daily joy. Connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.