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Congratulations! Welcome to the Digital Bravery Affiliate Program. This page is designed to make your life easier by creating some handy, helpful and heartfelt images and copy you can easily share with your communities. Feel free to use your own words but if you are stuck for inspiration the goodies below will help....

Digital Bravery E-Course: The Lowdown 

The course officially goes on sale on 17 October but I want to give you plenty of time to get ready! I believe wholeheartedly in this course (which you can read more about here) and absolutely can’t wait to pour my heart, soul and years of experience into this digital adventure to help others market fearlessly and grow their business with confidence.

If you’ve been inspired by our Blog Society community, events or blog in the past I’d love to have you share this passion with your own community as an affiliate of Digital Bravery. You’ll be spreading the word about an empowering e-course and earning some well deserved income for your efforts, and with the holidays right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

The Benefits

The concept is simple: as an affiliate of Digital Bravery, you earn a 40% commission for every course paid in full* and this is all tracked through our affiliate software E-Junkie and your unique E-Junkie affiliate link, which you can use to promote the course on your own website, blog, or social media pages. You’ll be able to monitor and track your success via your E-Junkie account and will be notified via email of each sale! 

*Terms & Conditions: Please note that we are only able to pay commission on course payments made in full (not those made in instalments) due to tracking capabilities. Commissions will be paid at the end of November after the 7 day money back period for the course ends on 14 November 2016. Products you personally purchase are not eligible for commission.

You are welcome to start promoting the 'Coming Soon' images and message to your tribe but please hold off on linking to the actual course home page (using your personal link) until 17 October - stay tuned I'll be sending out more information to help you have a great launch! 

The following dates will help keep you on track:

  • ASAP: Please feel free to start promoting any of the 'Coming Soon' images to your community or making mention that you're an official affiliate to your community now to get the word out there and pique their interest.
  • 17 October: This is launch day - let the games begin!
  • 17-23 October: Our early bird offer ($397) runs during this time and is a great opportunity to create some urgency with your community.
  • 24-30 October: Our e-course cart remains open with our full price tag of $497 - cart will close at midnight on the 30th.

*TIP: Always use your affiliate link so that we can track your sales and make sure you’re rewarded for sharing the love.

Okay now that we're ready to dive in, I want to share some insight with you to help make this a profitable and successful partnership. From past experience, I've found that speaking to your community in an authentic voice via an email newsletter or blog post tends to get the best traction so I suggest going out with a bang to your newsletter list first and really pushing your affiliate link, then use the following channels to help support your message.

    As bloggers this is the most natural way to communicate and you always, always want any affiliate relationship to feel natural and authentic. I want you to speak from the heart and feel good about encouraging others to be brave and empower themselves. The goal is for them to click your link and let the sales page do the rest! Do not feel the pressure to 'sell' anything - that's my job - but the more people clicking your link the more sales opportunities you will have. A post about where you want to take your business or how you feel inspired could be a great way to start talking about the course and don't forget that it's always best to tell your readers you are a (proud!) affiliate for this program. Here are some tips if you need them.
    People love images so make sure your affiliate images are clearly visible (and of course linked with your affiliate link!). Some suggestions: In your blog side bar, at the end of your blog posts, in your email signature, via Facebook Posts, Twitter images, Instagram images. Don’t forget to tag me in your snaps so I can share: @blogsociety and use our hashtag #digitalbravery
    Send out a weekly newsletter? This is the perfect chance to include a link or story about the course. Get people curious and they are more likely to click on something and this could mean some serious dollars for you! A another hot tip is to check who didn't open your email and look at resending the message to this specific group with a new, exciting subject line and a quick note that you didn't want them to miss this exciting news.

I always encourage your own words but below are some short blurbs to help make things easy for you:


  • Who's ready to be brave ? I'm proudly spreading the #digitalbravery message along with @blogsociety and look forward to helping others be fearless! Are you ready? Get involved here – [Your unique link] 
  • Thanks @blogsociety for helping others to market fearlessly and boost their business and blogging confidence. I'm 100% behind this message! {insert your unique link} #digitalbravery

TIP: Instagram is one of my largest social media platforms and when I'm in sales mode I suggest sharing an image multiple times, because most people follow too many profiles to see everything you share. However I would stagger these posts and once I Instagram the 2nd image, I’ll go back and delete the 1st. That way your feed isn't full of sales messages. Also since Instagram doesn’t have direct click-through URLs, I suggest you create a unique link that’s easy for someone to retype such as, then share this 2 places: Your profile URL and in the body copy - the end result is you want to make it easy for your readers to sign up to the course using YOUR link!


  • For all those bloggers feeling lost at the moment, it's time to be brave thanks to @blogsociety's #digitalbravery e-course. [your unique link] #digitalbravery
  • So proud to be working with @blogsociety to make this year full of bravery and confidence. Want to join us? [Your unique link] #digitalbravery


  • Ladies, head to [your unique link] and get ready to kick start your biz with a brave new outlook!  I love Jaclyn from @BlogSociety's passionate and fearless attitude when it comes to empowering others and equiping them with needed marketing skills. This is something that could truly change your blog and I can’t recommend it enough! #digitalbravery

Simply right click and save as images to your desktop and upload to your website, blog or social media channels! Feel free to resize images to fit your own blog...

Digital Bravery
Digital Bravery
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Be bold, fearless and earn some cash while doing it - I’m so glad to have you as part of the team!

x Jaclyn
Director, Blog Society
Have questions? Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at